Production EngineeringMaster

Akure – Iraq
Arabic, English

🌐 University of Techlogy


Business Management Area

1.1 Mining in a global environment
   1.1.2 Understands mine ecomics and the minerals market and their influence on mining systems

Business Geomechanics and Technical Mine Area

3.1 Modelling, analysis and design
   3.1.6 Incorporates geology and geomechanic information when selecting mining methods

Mining Equipment and Systems Area

5.3 Loading systems
   5.3.1 Understands the characteristics of loading equipment and operations

Mineral Production and Processing Area

7.4 Concentrator processes
   7.4.1 Understands and applies knowledge of process steps, applications and limitations

Social Performance Area

9.1 Acquiring and using social data and baseline information
   9.1.2 Manage and apply concepts as a human right and gender equality

Geology Exploration Resources and Reserves Area

2.2 Applied Geology
   2.2.1 Collect, store and analyse data using adequate field and laboratory techniques. Demonstrate basic field and laboratory safety techniques
   2.2.2 Process, prepare and interpretation and presentation of data using quantitative and qualitative techniques, as well as the adequate software
   2.2.3 Elaboration and interpretation, topographic, geological and thematic and engineering maps
   2.2.4 Recognize different ore deposits models

Mining Methods Area

4.1 General mining methods
   4.1.1 General knowledge of mining methods and operations

Mining Services Area

6.5 Power supply systems
   6.5.1 Assists with the design of power reticulation systems

Generic, Health and Social Task Area

8.7 Working with people
   8.7.4 Ethics. Transmit credibility and integrity