TU Delft — Netherlands

MSc Track: Geo-resource EngineeringMaster

Delft – Netherlands
Dutch, English

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Business Management Area

1.5 Managing mining operations – Monitoring and compliance
   1.5.1 Reviews planned operations
   1.5.2 Oversees the implementation of plans and risk management

Business Geomechanics and Technical Mine Area

3.1 Modelling, analysis and design
   3.1.6 Incorporates geology and geomechanic information when selecting mining methods
3.3 Integrated mine design
   3.3.3 Uses simulation and other techniques to optimise designs
   3.3.4 Monitors implementation of mine design
3.4 Mine rehabilitation and closure
   3.4.1 Establishes project and evaluate plans
   3.4.2 Develops mine rehabilitation and closure plans
   3.4.3 Manages rehabilitation including monitoring and reporting processes

Social Performance Area

9.1 Acquiring and using social data and baseline information
   9.1.1 Capacity to understand and apply anthropological, ethgraphic and archaeological knowledge
   9.1.2 Manage and apply concepts as a human right and gender equality

Geology Exploration Resources and Reserves Area

2.2 Applied Geology
   2.2.4 Recognize different ore deposits models
2.4 Mineral deposit modelling
   2.4.1 Creates block models and estimates resources. Interrogates resource models to generate inputs for mine planning
   2.4.4 Estimates reserves from a mining model (and interpretation)