International Mining EngineerMaster

Leoben – Austria
English, German

🌐 Leoben University for Mining and Metallurgy


Business Management Area

1.1 Mining in a global environment
1.2 Production analysis and mine optimisation
1.3 Organisational structures
1.4 Financial operations and production costs
1.5 Managing mining operations – Monitoring and compliance
1.6 Management
1.7 Risk management

Business Geomechanics and Technical Mine Area

3.1 Modelling, analysis and design
3.2 Implementing designs and plans
3.3 Integrated mine design
3.6 Drilling, blasting and rock cutting explosives

Mining Equipment and Systems Area

5.1 General Mining equipment and systems
5.4 Haulage systems
5.5 Mining software

Mineral Production and Processing Area

7.1 Feed systems and planning
7.5 Further treatment

Social Performance Area

9.2 Monitoring and evaluating social projects

Geology Exploration Resources and Reserves Area

2.1 General Geology / Geography
2.2 Applied Geology
2.3 Exploration and sampling
2.4 Mineral deposit modelling
2.5 Mine feasibility studies

Mining Methods Area

4.1 General mining methods
4.2 Surface mining methods
4.3 Underground mining methods
4.5 Reclamation

Mining Services Area

6.1 General services and planning
6.7 Surveying

Generic, Health and Social Task Area

8.1 Environment