Ingenieria en MinasBachelor

Guanajuato – Mexico

🌐 Metalurgia y Geología, Universidad de Guanajuato


Business Management Area

1.1 Mining in a global environment
1.2 Production analysis and mine optimisation
1.3 Organisational structures
1.4 Financial operations and production costs
1.5 Managing mining operations – Monitoring and compliance
1.6 Management

Business Geomechanics and Technical Mine Area

3.1 Modelling, analysis and design
3.2 Implementing designs and plans
3.3 Integrated mine design
3.4 Mine rehabilitation and closure
3.5 Monitoring ground stability
3.6 Drilling, blasting and rock cutting explosives

Mining Equipment and Systems Area

5.1 General Mining equipment and systems
5.2 Electrical systems

Mineral Production and Processing Area

7.1 Feed systems and planning
7.2 Grade control
7.3 Comminution and sizing
7.4 Concentrator processes
7.5 Further treatment

Mining Methods Area

4.1 General mining methods
4.2 Surface mining methods
4.3 Underground mining methods
4.4 Fill systems
4.5 Reclamation

Mining Services Area

6.1 General services and planning
6.2 Dewatering and Mine drainage and storage systems
6.3 Water treatment
6.4 Ventilation
6.6 Communications systems

Generic, Health and Social Task Area

8.1 Environment
8.2 Workplace health and safety
8.3 Communication
8.5 Sustainability
8.7 Working with people