Ingeneria de MinasBachelor

Jujuy – Argentina

🌐 Universidad Nacional de Jujui


Business Geomechanics and Technical Mine Area

3.1 Modelling, analysis and design
3.2 Implementing designs and plans
3.3 Integrated mine design
3.5 Monitoring ground stability
3.6 Drilling, blasting and rock cutting explosives

Mining Equipment and Systems Area

5.1 General Mining equipment and systems

Mineral Production and Processing Area

7.1 Feed systems and planning
7.2 Grade control
7.3 Comminution and sizing
7.4 Concentrator processes

Geology Exploration Resources and Reserves Area

2.1 General Geology / Geography
   2.1.1 Understands the basic principles of geology, deposit formation, geological controls and structures
   2.1.2 Reviews and interprets geological maps
   2.1.3 Understand and apply fundamentals of stratigraphy, sedimentology, geomorphology and structural geology, relationship to subsurface geology
   2.1.4 Identify basic rock-forming minerals and rocks in the field, in hand sample and in thin section, including ecomic minerals
   2.1.6 Recognize different tectonic environments
   2.1.7 Recognize different types of natural hazards and zonation
   2.1.8 Analytical chemistry with regards to various geological sampling techniques and how to apply these concepts to real world problem aired by others
   2.1.9 Geographic resource interpretation skills
2.2 Applied Geology
2.3 Exploration and sampling
2.4 Mineral deposit modelling
2.5 Mine feasibility studies

Mining Methods Area

4.1 General mining methods

Generic, Health and Social Task Area

8.1 Environment
8.2 Workplace health and safety