Earth Sciences – Georesources and the EnvironmentMaster

Greifswald – Germany
English, German
Duration: 24 Months

🌐 Institute of Geography and Geology, University Greifswald
🌐 Earth Sciences – Georesources and the Environment


Business Management Area

1.1 Mining in a global environment

Mineral Production and Processing Area

7.6 Recycling and secondary mineral raw materials. Circular Economy
   7.6.5 General knowledge on the renewable sources of energy
   7.6.7 General knowledge of the principles of circular ecomy, climate change and the recycling market

Geology Exploration Resources and Reserves Area

2.1 General Geology / Geography
2.2 Applied Geology
2.3 Exploration and sampling
2.4 Mineral deposit modelling

Mining Methods Area

4.1 General mining methods
4.2 Surface mining methods
4.5 Reclamation

Mining Services Area

6.3 Water treatment
   6.3.2 Undertakes surveys and monitoring of water quality
6.7 Surveying

Generic, Health and Social Task Area

8.1 Environment
   8.1.1 knowledge and management of environmental impact assessment studies
8.3 Communication
   8.3.5 Know and describes Social Geology and Geopolitics
   8.3.6 Listens and communicates effectively. Chairs meetings. Prepares documents and reports
   8.3.8 Ability to communicate Earth Science issues with the wider society
8.4 Creative thinking, problem solving and research
8.7 Working with people
   8.7.2 Recognises diversity and multiculturalism (knowledge of other cultures and customs
   8.7.3 Identify objectives and individual and collective responsibilities and act correctly in such roles